University Marketing & Communications

April 6, 2010

New home page coming soon

By Gina Hills

newhome_topThe UW soon will launch a redesigned home page that features stronger audience-focused navigation, new interactivity, social networking options and many more opportunities to explore what the university has to offer. We’re in the final stages of dotting i’s and crossing t’s. We’ll announce the launch date here and on the current home page, so check back often!

 The bold design and more intuitive navigation of the new home page also will be incorporated in a number of top-level administrative and informational pages, as well as five new “portals” that showcase the UW’s prominence in the areas of Education, Sustainability, Innovation, Healthy Lives and Global Citizens. Plans call for migrating more top-level pages to the new content-rich design later this year.

Some of the changes are detailed in previous posts on this blog. More inside info will be posted this week, so be sure to check back!