University Marketing & Communications

April 16, 2010

MyUW. Can you find it now?

By Gina Hills


In an earlier post (before launch) we mentioned that the popular MyUW link was in three places and pointed them out. But some site visitors said they still couldn’t find it and asked for it to be in the audience-based “dropdown” menus for students and faculty/staff. OK, we added it. Can you find it now? For good measure, we also added a link to Alpine!

thumbsup     More good news — we hope. We had a number of requests to make the department list easier to find, including repeat suggestions that we add it to the Discover the UW “dropdown” menu. (Sounds like those dropdowns are becoming quite the popular way to navigate the site!) Well.. it’s there now. Better?

And have you noticed? The order of the “top” stories has been changing throughout the week. You’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the days ahead, so be sure to check back!