University Marketing & Communications

February 22, 2013

Pro tip: Link to campus parking lots


Did you know you can point visitors directly to any campus parking lot from the Campus Map? Showing visitors where to park on the map is similar to showing them where campus buildings or landmarks are located, but there’s one extra (and often overlooked) step required to find the “share link.”

Here’s how to find a direct link to a Campus Map parking lot:

  1. Open the Campus Map in your web browser.
  2. Check the Parking Lots checkbox in the menu.

    Embed Campus Map: Check Parking Lots checkbox

  3. All parking lots on the map will now be highlighted by red overlays.

    Embed Campus Map: Parking Lots overlay
    Click image to enlarge.

  4. Find and click on the parking lot you want to open an info box.
    Embed Campus Map: Parking lot info box
    Click image to enlarge.
  5. Copy the share link located in the info box.
    Embed Campus Map: Copy share link
    Click image to enlarge.

Yup, that’s it! Now you have a direct link that will hopefully make parking much easier for your visitors.

Bonus pro tip

If you’re using our WordPress theme, read our documentation on how you can embed an interactive map of a campus parking lot, building or landmark directly into a page or post.

You’ll end up with an on-page map that looks and acts like this: