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December 19, 2012

Create an InfoBox in WordPress

By University of Washington
Create Infobox: Example

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The InfoBox is a useful way to call out key information that does not need to be updated by hand often, such as text that is not time-sensitive or an RSS feed of blog posts. By using this feature, you can create a right-hand call-out box that will feature text and images that stand out from the rest of your page content.

How to add an InfoBox

  1. Edit or create a new post or page.
  2. Highlight the text you want to feature from the Visual Editor (see image below).
  3. Click the Make an InfoBox button in the Visual Editor menu (see image below).
    • Create Infobox: Highlight Text & Click Infobox Button
      Click image to enlarge.
  4. After clicking the “Make an InfoBox” button, your highlighted text will move to the right side and have yellow lines before and after:
    • Create Infobox: Text Moves to Right

In this example from the Media Relations & Communications site, notice how the “What’s Hot & Happening,” “Research” and “Crisis Communication” headlines in the image below are surrounded by two yellow bars. This is similar to how your InfoBox will appear on the live site.

Create Infobox: Live Example

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