University Marketing & Communications

June 25, 2010

Header/Footer Wizard 1.1 (updated)

By University of Washington

If you are using the code, we’re pleased to announce our first set of updates: updates that are mostly content-oriented, but a few XHTML and CSS validation fixes as well. To take advantage of these fixes (if you haven’t already fixed them yourself), you can do one of two things:

1)      Fix the code yourself by carefully reading through the changelog below.


2)      Log back in to the wizard, repeat the steps and get new copy-paste code:

====== HEADER & FOOTER WIZARD ======

========== 1.1 CHANGELOG ==========

CONTENT fixes:

– changed “Employment” to “Jobs” (consistent with our homepage/site-wide footer nav)

– linked “© 2010 University of Washington” to and “Seattle, Washington” to in the footer (consistent with our homepage/site-wide footer nav)

– added a “Libraries” link to the top nav bar (consistent with our homepage/site-wide top nav)

– added a period “.” to the end of “Discover what’s next. It’s the Washington Way” (now reads “Discover what’s next. It’s the Washington Way.”)

CSS fixes:

– in footer.css: added

#footerLogoLink {

display: block;

width: 74px;

height: 74px;

} and changed the markup to match, “wlogoLink” is now “footerLogoLink” (this makes sure we aren’t duplicating an ID inside of header.css)

– in header.css: removed “color: transparent” from .formbutton (was invalid css)

XHTML fix:

– replaced the content wrapper <span>…</span> with <div>…</div> (this fixes an XHTML validation problem that should have been fixed a long time ago.  Sorry J)


Oh, and if anyone is actively using the include version, please let us know; our stats tell us that a few of you are, but we’d like to verify.