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May 10, 2013

Campus landscapes

By Katherine Turner

I was struck by the number of excellent campus/architectural landscapes on UW Student Life these past couple weeks. A few stood out to me in particular, due to the nice color palettes and sky. That’s [at least part of] what makes a good landscape good. Color palette and sky.

The contrast of the warm sky and blue shade on the columns works really well in this photo by Katie Brudwick:
Sylvan Grove at sunset

This one, also by Katie Brudwick, has an awesome orange/yellow sky that complements the blue windows of the Engineering building and gray of the fountain/roof/trees:
Electrical Engineering building reflected in Drumheller fountain at sunrise

And this one, by Joy Chu, taken at the oft-called worst possible time of day (high noon) for photographs, is also remarkably pretty, especially for that time of day: Blue sky, green fountain, warm brick, pink little punches of cherry trees.
Drumheller fountain looking north to Red Square

Love love love.