University Marketing & Communications

August 15, 2013

August Web Council recap


Alas, we have no Tegrity recording this month. I think the computer in Odegaard 220 is shy, so I’ve enrolled it in Matt McGarrity’s Public Speaking MOOC. Let’s hope that will do the trick in time for our September Web Council. In the meantime, here is your recap and slide deck round up:

Libraries site redesign

Christine Tawatao from University Libraries shared the user testing process for the new Libraries site and gave us a peek at the mockups. One thing that stood out to me was how Libraries created user personas in 2009 as part of their previous design process and have used them for a number of projects since, including for this current redesign. How’s that for return on investment?

Christine also discussed how Libraries employed a number of user testing tricks including a neat “X/O exercise” I had not yet heard about, plus how they cut out phone-sized paper mockups before investing in actual development time.

View a PDF version of her PowerPoint slides.

Online learning

Matt McGarrity from the UW Department of Communication discussed the Introduction to Public Speaking MOOC he is teaching through Coursera. He started off by setting the record straight on his 100,000 students (hint: there’s a significant drop when you only count active students).

Next he set the record straight on how higher ed journals have treated MOOCs as the beginning of the end for universities. McGarrity has seen many claims that online courses steal away college-aged students and will consequently crush higher ed as we know it, but data from a pre-course survey shows his class attendees skew older than college age and primarily hold secondary and post-secondary degrees. Given that data, it’s a fairly safe assumption that his class consists of working professionals seeking development opportunities.

WebVisions recap

Katherine Turner attended WebVisions Portland in May 2013 and shared with us some of her favorite takeaways (and videos!). The angle of her presentation was that “content marketing is the new buzzword for 2013” and that users want to be entertained rather than exposed to traditional ads. View her Prezi slides for five simple things to keep in mind when creating video content.

Lastly, here are the direct links to the video examples from her presentation:

Mobile Minute

Gina shared July 15 to August 14 mobile traffic metrics for Marketing-hosted web pages. 12% of our total traffic was mobile, with 67.6% of mobile traffic dominated by iOS. View her A snapshot of mobile Web traffic PDF to see all metrics she shared.