University Marketing & Communications

April 18, 2013

April Web Council recap


Just in time for the afternoon slump, here’s our Tegrity recording from today’s Web Council.

Search Engine Visibility

Special guest Ian Lurie, CEO of local internet marketing company Portent, talks about making web content more relevant for Google (and other search engines). No, he doesn’t teach us a secret handshake or share what underground organizations we need to join to rank higher. Instead, he shares one simple rule: make sure our content is “weird, useful, and significant.”

Check out his slide deck below and listen to the first part of our Tegrity recording to learn what he defines as “weird, useful, and significant” content. Ian also has a handy link bundle of resources related to his presentation:

SiteImprove & Accessibility

Gina Hills gives a quick intro to SiteImprove. Then Terry Thompson, the UW’s IT accessibility specialist, takes over with a look at how this powerful tool can be used to improve our web site accessibility.