University Marketing & Communications

April 24, 2014

April Web Council recap


MyUW redesign

Karin Roberts and William Washington from Academic & Collaborative Applications (ACA) shared an awesome and insightful project overview of the MyUW rebuild for students. The primary project goals boil down to improving MyUW in a way that better supports students by providing relevant, timely information.

Karin and William walked us through their team’s user research goals and methodology, including showing snapshots of how they organized and visualized their findings. The ACA team discovered that students primarily access a small subset of the content currently available on MyUW, but that what the students do access is heavily used (such as email, registration, Husky Card account info and class schedules). They also discussed how they plan on reordering content when it is most relevant—such as highlighting course information during the end and beginning of terms when students are planning, registering, and possibly changing or dropping classes.

What is user experience?

Patrick Neeman, director of product design at Apptio, gave us an overview the user experience field. He started off with an explanation of how UX is not UI and then launched into high-level definitions of the roles within user experience. While his presentation packed way more awesome in person (especially the part where he asked William to join him at the podium and discuss his philosophies), you can view his embedded slides below or directly on SlideShare.

Resources from Patrick’s presentation

Heartbleed update

Daniel Schwalbe and Melissa Albin from the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer will shared in-depth background on the Heartbleed Web security vulnerability and advice on how to keep our personal passwords and other online services secure.

The biggest takeaway from Daniel is that we should not rely on the numerous lists (including the Mashable list) detailing which sites were affected and recommended actions users should make. He advised that we instead wait for companies to send us information themselves about changing passwords or other recommended actions.

Mobile Minute

For this month’s Mobile Minute, Gina shared a snapshot of February-over-March mobile growth on Marketing-hosted websites. Desktop usage dropped just shy of 1%, phone usage raised 13% and tablet usage raised 5%.