University Marketing & Communications

January 9, 2014

Web Council survey results


To all 42 Web Council attendees who took the time to fill out our yearly Web Council survey: Thank you! Every single comment will go a long way to raise the quality of each Web Council and ensure we bring you the speakers and topics you most want.

And now that we’re firmly rooted in 2014, I thought it would be a good time to share the final survey results—all repackage into nifty charts and graphs. I’m not including your awesome assortment of topic ideas as Gina already shared those via email and the wiki. But you guys had some excellent suggestions that I look forward to incorporating into our future Web Council lineups.

Preferred day of the week

Graph: Thursday received 23 out of 42 votes

As you can see from the graph above, Thursday received an overwhelming majority of votes. Twenty-three survey takers want to stick with our Thursday meetings, while the remaining nineteen are scattered fairly evenly throughout the rest of the weekdays.

Preferred time of the day

Chart: 9-11 AM is 52%, lunch hour is 19%, 1-4 PM is 29%

Morning meetings received 52% of your votes with afternoon meetings coming in at second place and 29%. A lunch hour Web Council received only 19% of your votes and our “other” option received no votes (and did not make it into the above chart).

Preferred length

Chart: 1 hour is 32%, 1.5 hours is 64%, 2 hours is 4%

Twenty-seven (or 64%) of you guys seem quite happy with our current 1.5 hour meeting times. Hour-long Web Councils received 32% of your votes and our two hour option received a mere 4% of votes.

Preferred frequency

Chart: Monthly is 67%, Every two months is 7%, Quarterly is 26%

Monthly Web Councils are here to stay for 2014 as 67% of you have voted. Quarterly is next in line at 26% of votes and every two months received just 7% of your votes.

Ignite-style presentations

Graph: No is 3, don't know is 3, depends on topic is 9, yes is 13, blank/no opinion is 14

In this question we asked for your opinions on Ignite-style presentations, which are essentially five-minute presentations accompanied by twenty slides. I tallied fourteen results that were either left blank or said something along the lines of “no opinion.” Thirteen of you guys love them while nine of you were open to a mix of Ignite presentations during our typical Web Council format. This means you can look forward to more of this fast-paced presentation style for 2014.