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New: Updated message from the president
The UW Viewbook Addendum is an updated message from President Michael K. Young. It is to be used as a supplement to the UW Viewbook and can be inserted into the president section in the front of the book or inserted into the back pocket. This one-page PDF can be printed at the copy center or on your laser printer:
Viewbook Addendum pdf icon 568 KB (PDFs open in new windows)

Toolkit for PDFs of Viewbook spotlight categories

Single page spreads

Booklet spreads

Viewbook summary
The UW Viewbook is a “10,000-foot-level” view of the University of Washington – our campuses, schools, colleges and programs. The intent of the publication is to provide a glimmer of insight into the caliber of education we provide, the accomplishments and aspirations of our students, the expertise of our faculty and staff, and the world-class programs and research housed here.

The 4 primary sections of the Viewbook are based on the brand spotlight themes and are as follows; Creating Future Generations of Global Citizens, Shaping a More Sustainable Future, Innovation Serving Society, and Healthier Here—and Beyond.

To utilize spotlight sections of the Viewbook, the files below were created and can be easily emailed, printed at the copy center as a mini-booklet, or printable on your laser printer.

Saved as PDF files, there are two available layout options per spotlight – letter size (8.5” x 11”) single page layouts, and tabloid size (17” x 11”) booklet layouts, which will fold into an 8.5” x 11” book — depending on your needs.

Single page layouts (standard 8.5”x11”):

  • Print on a personal printer
  • Select specific pages for print
  • Use as a handout
  • Email

Things to remember when using single page layout:

  • The file size is large. Consider removing the cover pages to reduce file size for printing or email.
  • On-screen preview in a spread format is an easy and fast way to see the Viewbook at-a-glance.

In Acrobat: > Click View, > Page display, > Select two-up continuous and show cover page during two-up

  • **Please note: This is for on-screen preview only, pages will still print in single 8.5×11” pages.

Booklet layouts (tabloid 11×17” spreads which fold into an 8.5” x 11” book):

**This version will not look like it is in the proper page order. This is so that your copy shop can form the piece into a folded, two-sided booklet.

  • Make a booklet
  • Looks similar to the printed Viewbook
  • Send to your local copy center for production

Things to remember when using the booklet layouts:

  • Make sure your page setup is set to page size of Tabloid and you select fit to printable area
  • This version should be sent to a copy shop to print unless you have the ability to back-up your pages on your printer.

UW Tower Copy Center Information

Phone: 1-2244

You can order the complete Viewbook through Creative Communications at no cost to you.