University Marketing & Communications fact sheets

General information

UW Fact Sheet 2012–13
An annual snapshot of the UW’s vital statistics. It includes student demographics, highlights of rankings, community outreach, state impacts and more.

Resident undergraduate tuition 2013–14
An overview of lawmakers’ reinvestment in higher education for the 2013–15 state operating budget. It includes a historical snapshot of UW tuition rates and 2013–14 tuition estimates for resident undergraduates.

Subject-specific fact sheets (PDFs)

These documents were created during the 2011 legislative session to help articulate the UW’s position on various issues.

Customizable UW fact sheet templates

The UW fact sheet templates were created to give UW units the ability to create their own customizable fact sheets that meet the design standards of the Reputation Building Initiative (RBI). Both templates include text boxes that are customizable. Fonts and colors used in the text boxes and throughout the templates are based on University Brand Guidelines.

Two Microsoft Word templates are currently available:

UW Fact Sheet Template 1 includes a purple header box, UW logo, general statement, university tagline, gold subhead bar and UW patch and band as permanent graphic elements.

UW Fact Sheet Template 2 includes the purple header box and UW patch and band as permanent graphic elements but also allows for units to insert their own school/college/campus logo and general statement.

To customize either fact sheet template, simply click on the area in which you would like to insert your text and/or graphic and an insertion box will appear. Insert your text or graphic accordingly.

Note: The date on the top of all fact sheet pages can be edited and the pie chart graphic on UW Fact Sheet Template 1 can be deleted and replaced with another graphic and/or text if desired.

For ideas and suggestions on the type of content to include in your fact sheet, view the latest UW fact sheet, also available on the toolkits page. For more information or to obtain an Adobe InDesign version of these templates, please contact Gerald McRobbie, 206-543-0828.

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