University brand guidelines

A strong visual identity contributes to the University of Washington’s reputation, and in turn its ability to recruit outstanding faculty, students and staff; to engage alumni and to attract external support.

To better take advantage of this potential, the UW offers a Brand System that effectively links our campuses, schools, academic units and administrative offices with the University of Washington brand — a strong asset that we all proudly share.

Every member of the university community plays an important role in maintaining brand integrity by applying it consistently throughout all university communications, including in print, Web, display, broadcast, and electronic formats.

Below is a quick reference guide and download center to the pillars of the UW brand. For the complete brand guidelines and art assets, download the complete Visual Guidelines artpack (zip file).

The endorsed identity system has one goal: to promote and enhance the university’s reputation as an organization whose many parts have a unity of purpose.

University wordmark


Example of stacked University of Washington wordmark



Example of centered University of Washington wordmark


Primary color palette

University purple

Image of the brand purple
PMS 273U
CMYK(C) 92/100/0/10
CMYK(U) 72/73/0/0
RGB 57/39/91
HEX #39275b

University gold

Image of the brand gold color
PMS 117
CMYK(C) 2/22/100/15
CMYK(U) 2/18/100/19
RGB 215/169/0
HEX #d7a900


Block W and patches

Patch and Band

The Patch and Band are mandatory elements for every UW communications piece. They form the foundation of a flexible system designed to help all UW communications pieces exist within the same family. The Patch and Band elements must be locked together as one graphic element, should intersect when used and appear along any outside edge of a piece.

The Band is a simple border of color that appears along any outside edge of a piece. The patch is a simple square or rectangle that contains either a logo, a signature or a tagline. For pieces that don’t bleed, the Patch and Band elements should align to the live area of your document.

Example of UW patch and band branding elements

University fonts

Matrix II is the foundational font used in the University Wordmark. Use of this font should be reserved for Signature Logo development and display purposes only.

For all other communications, the fonts were selected for their ability to complement the University Wordmark. The preferred fonts are Frutiger (sans serif) and Goudy (serif). If these fonts are not available to you, the fonts of Arial and Helvetica are acceptable sans serif fonts, and Garamond and Palatino are acceptable serif fonts.

Fonts for general print/Web communications

Preferred sans serif font is Frutiger

Example of Fruitger font

Purchase Frutiger

Preferred serif font is Goudy

Example of Goudy font

Purchase Goudy

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