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Pagelets in WordPress

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“Pagelet” is a custom widget created by the Marketing Web Team for content that needs to be displayed in multiple pages or in the right-hand menu of some (but not all) of your pages. They are also useful for when you have reoccurring but time-sensitive information.

[blogroll]: Embed blog posts into WordPress pages

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Using the [blogroll] short code is different than embedding a standard RSS feed. This short code is designed to pull and display your sites blog posts into a “Page” (not a default capability in WordPress).

Add captions to images or video in WordPress

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Image captions should be created when uploading an image into your WordPress site. To add captions to an embedded video, you will need to add the [caption] shortcode around the embedded video.

Create an InfoBox in WordPress

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The InfoBox is a useful way to call out key information that does not need to be updated by hand often, such as text that is not time-sensitive or an RSS feed of blog posts. By using this feature, you can create a right-hand call-out box that will feature text and images that stand out from the rest of your page content.

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