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YouTube playlist update

Which sm channel?

If you’ve embedded a YouTube playlist into your WordPress site, you might have noticed it looks different. Fear not, you aren’t seeing things! We recently modernized the look and feel of the YouTube player on our Marketing-hosted WordPress sites.

Hot dawg! Katherine continues to rock Vine

Hot dog on bun, topped with pickle relish and mustard

In honor of our recent bout of 80-plus-degree weather, Katherine shot another Vine-tastic stop-motion video. Spoiler alert: The video features mouth-watering hot dogs grilled to perfection.

Hey, hey, we’re the Huskies


If you were on campus Friday, you might have noticed some activity over on Red Square. So what was going on? Why, HuskyFest 2013 and an Earth Day kick-off, you sillies. Check out the videos made by Katherine and Kilian to relive the festivities.