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Take a closer look

We are introducing new audience-focused navigation toward the top of the page, calling out some of the most used and/or popular links. This navigation will initially appear on just the UW’s top-level pages that are part of Phase 1 of the redesign project.

Spotlight on UW accomplishments

In addition to the redesigned home page, we will be introducing five new “portal” pages that cast a spotlight on Education, Sustainability, Healthy Lives, Global Citizens and Innovation. They will showcase ways in which the UW excels in these areas. The content will refresh over time, and UW communicators across campus will help select what is showcased.

Sneak peek at new home page

Check it out! Here’s a screenshot of a mockup of the top of the new UW home page, coming to a Web browser near you in 2010. Note the light tan horizontal bar at the very top. That’s the standard utility navigation.

UW home page insight coming soon…

In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more detailed information on changes to the UW home page when the redesign is launched in 2010 (exact date TBD). Starting on New Year’s Day, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the new page.

Meet the “Patch and Band”

This screenshot of the new home page banner shows a bold new W “patch” hanging off of a light tan “band” that features links to some of the most popular destinations on the UW Web. If you’re a UW designer, you can learn more about the new brand guidelines on our secure Web page

What’s popular on the UW home page

Our regularly changing stories/features are always popular, but some of the permanent links are consistent winners day in and day out. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the most popular…

Resource links posted

Direct links are now available (right column under Resources) to: UW Marketing Toolkits, Web Color Palette, UW Brand Guidelines, Signature Logo Art Pack…

Redesign highlights

The redesign of the UW home page is part of a multiyear Reputation Building Initiative. The goal of RBI is “to reach our many audiences and enhance their appreciation for the UW’s essential value in the state, region and beyond.”

New home page coming in 2010…

The UW’s home page will get a makeover in the New Year. Over the next few months, we will post redesign updates and info on this blog to keep the UW community apprised of the changes that are in the offing. Among the planned enhancements: better on-page navigation, more “top stories” to choose from, the ability to “share” and much more.

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