Preview of Web Team projects

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The Web Team has been working behind the scenes on a number of projects we’ll roll out over the next few weeks. To whet your appetite, here’s a rundown (and screenshots!).

Alert Banner 2.0

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In celebration of the new version of the Alert Banner launching today it’s time to give an overview of what’s new. If you did not know there was a banner please read about it. Basically there is a system in place that can deliver a dynamic notification on to your website if there is some sort of wide-spread emergency.

Server Migration

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Finally, the CMS is migrated to the latest version of Plone and on to new hardware. The actual transition happened two weeks ago Friday but it’s been several days of testing. Anyone visiting the site should notice a huge speed improvement and a generally large increase in reliability.

MyUW. Can you find it now?

In an earlier post (before launch) we mentioned that the popular MyUW link was in three places and pointed them out. But some site visitors said they still couldn’t find it and asked for it to be in the audience-based “dropdown” menus for students and faculty/staff. OK, we added it. Can you find it now? For good measure, we also added a link to Alpine!

More about top navigation

You’ll want to click on this image (twice) to see two basic navigation scenarios. The “thin strip” at the top has links to some of our most popular destinations and/or features: UW Home | Directories | Calendar | Maps | My UW

Take a closer look

We are introducing new audience-focused navigation toward the top of the page, calling out some of the most used and/or popular links. This navigation will initially appear on just the UW’s top-level pages that are part of Phase 1 of the redesign project.

Spotlight on UW accomplishments

In addition to the redesigned home page, we will be introducing five new “portal” pages that cast a spotlight on Education, Sustainability, Healthy Lives, Global Citizens and Innovation. They will showcase ways in which the UW excels in these areas. The content will refresh over time, and UW communicators across campus will help select what is showcased.

Meet the “Patch and Band”

This screenshot of the new home page banner shows a bold new W “patch” hanging off of a light tan “band” that features links to some of the most popular destinations on the UW Web. If you’re a UW designer, you can learn more about the new brand guidelines on our secure Web page