Alert Banner 2.0

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In celebration of the new version of the Alert Banner launching today it’s time to give an overview of what’s new. If you did not know there was a banner please read about it. Basically there is a system in place that can deliver a dynamic notification on to your website if there is some sort of wide-spread emergency.

Header/Footer Wizard 1.1 (updated)

If you are using the code, we’re pleased to announce our first set of updates: updates that are mostly content-oriented, but a few XHTML and CSS validation fixes as well.

Resource links posted

Direct links are now available (right column under Resources) to: Header-Footer Wizard, UW Marketing Toolkits, Web Color Palette, UW Brand Guidelines, Signature Logo Art Pack…

Header/footer wizard

We are pleased to announce the launch of an online tool that helps you create a customizable header/footer for your UW Web pages that adheres to University of Washington brand guidelines. These page elements provide standardized UW graphics and global navigation in a variety of colors and customizable layouts.