Pleasant surprises

"move forward" wood inlaid text by bench

And a shameless picture of my feet.

Will you take my picture?

male graduate with American flag tank top showing under his gown in front of a monster truck track mural

This student came up to me and asked, “if you take my picture will I ever get to see it?”

Emotion trumps

Newly elected UW student officials revel after their win. Huskies Now had a near sweep of the elections.

An expression can tell an entire story.

Campus landscapes

Sylvan Grove at sunset

With palettes pretty enough to repaint your living room.

Good things come in threes


A good photo essay will include an establishing, medium, and close-up shot. And a kitten, if you’re lucky.

Kane can be pretty, too

High contrast sunlight creating geometric patterns outside Kane Hall

This is the time of year for cherry blossom photos. They’re beautiful and everyone loves them. But what about the lesser-appreciated campus landmarks? Don’t they deserve attention, too?

294 Days

Dark stormy sky over Red Square

Quality of light is extremely important in setting the mood, or tone, of an image.