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Directories, directories, directories

Search screenshot

As we march on through the rebranding process, Web Team members continually look at what we’re currently doing and ask if it’s the best solution possible. Such as a few days ago, when we wondered if we could bypass the campus directory page and directly query the LDAP database that houses faculty, staff and student contact information.

Rethinking the campus map

Campus maps

Last week we quietly launched the third version of our ever-popular campus map. We’ve gone with single “drawer” UI that contains the building pop-up windows, search box, directions and resources. This creates a single, unified go-to point. But who are we kidding? It’s just prettier.

Things to come…


Happy New Year, all! I wanted to give everyone a little heads-up on a couple of projects we’ve got coming up. One involves a refresh of something that rhymes with “foampage.” Expect that to launch around January 20th. In the meantime, I’ve managed to cobble together a couple of its pieces: Project #2 Our second…

The W is on a diet


For the next theme iteration, we’re trying out a new trick in our never-ending quest to become leaner.

Banner Pack – Spring 2013 edition


Hot off the presses, it’s the spring release of what will be an ongoing series of Wordpress banner packs using photography from around our beautiful campus. Included are 14 custom headers that can be easily uploaded to your UW Wordpress theme.

Responsive web design in a Retina world

I thought Responsive Web Design wasn’t going to stick around more than a year, but with numbers like these who can argue its value? There are some pain points, and like any new technology, we have to work our way through these. One of my biggest headaches was trying to target high pixel density displays.