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Python String Match Snippet

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This was originally posted on Chris Heiland’s staff blog while he was a member of the Web Team. Chris migrated this post to the Web Team blog before he left because we thought the content still had value to the UW community. I can’t imagine why this would ever be useful but I wanted to…

Solving the UW Events Calendar Date Problem

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Here is a quick and dirty way to enable rolling dates on the UW Events Calendar. By default there are several date range options to choose from, however the best option to grab the next few weeks of events is the end of month option. The downside, of course, is on the last week or last day of the month, there are no or a limited amount of future events.

Python, XML and Google Maps

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Generating and organizing data for the campus maps project is a constant journey. I’ve switched between several XML formats, with interesting results. Finally, I have landed on a blend of formats that gives adequate performance and allows for updating. I’ll probably split the entire process into several posts but here is the start. Originally I used the provided format that the GXml parser can understand.

Success with two different APIs

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I ended yesterday with two different success stories communicated with two entirely different systems. The cool part is I did it with a scripts written in python. The first system was SOAP based, the second was REST.

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