Header/Footer Wizard 1.1 (updated)

If you are using the code, we’re pleased to announce our first set of updates: updates that are mostly content-oriented, but a few XHTML and CSS validation fixes as well.

Python, XML and Google Maps

Grumpy Persian cat

Generating and organizing data for the campus maps project is a constant journey. I’ve switched between several XML formats, with interesting results. Finally, I have landed on a blend of formats that gives adequate performance and allows for updating. I’ll probably split the entire process into several posts but here is the start. Originally I used the provided format that the GXml parser can understand.

Success with two different APIs

Grumpy Persian cat

I ended yesterday with two different success stories communicated with two entirely different systems. The cool part is I did it with a scripts written in python. The first system was SOAP based, the second was REST.