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Facebook best practices

Should my unit have its own Facebook page?

This checklist will help you decide:

  • Is your target audience primarily students or young alumni?
  • Do you have the resources to monitor the page daily, answer fan questions and update it at least monthly?
  • Do you have content that is specific to your unit and doesn’t duplicate content on the UW page?
  • Do you have Facebook friends who will become fans of the page and help promote it?

Do you have a strategy for addressing controversies or crises related to your unit that might lead to increased activity on your page? For an example of what can happen, see:

How can I use Facebook?

Here are some reasons UWAA, for example, might use Facebook:

  • Connect current honors students with mentors.
  • Provide a network for honors alumni.
  • Alert students to upcoming events and deadlines.
  • Foster a more personalized community for students in a place where they’re already spending a lot of time.
  • Enhance minority recruitment.
  • Drive traffic to key pages on the UWAA Web site.
  • Give students another outlet for getting answers to their questions.

OK, I’m in, now what?

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