Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you provide marketing strategy and support tools for UW staff?

A: Yes. University Marketing & Communications provides a wide variety of tools for you to use free of charge. All tools on this site are available for your use without restrictions, including our templates, brand guidelines and fact sheets.

Q: Can you work on my marketing project for me? If so, what services do you offer and how much do your services cost?

A: University Marketing & Communications reports to the University President and the Vice President of University Advancement; however, University Marketing & Communications staff members are available for limited consultations free of charge. View our staff page to find key contacts.

Q: Where can I get some general facts and statistics about the UW?

A: Our UW fact sheets offer an annual snapshot of the UW’s vital statistics, as well as the economic impact of the UW at a glance.

Q: I need to create an E-newsletter. Do you have someone who can help me with that?

A: Elise Perachio, 206-616-8923,, is available for a consultation to help you get started. Also, make sure to check out our E-communication support tools.

Q: I’m looking for short UW brand videos that I can embed on my website. Where do I get those?

A: We have collected some UW brand videos for you to use.

Q: Do you have UW-branded PowerPoint templates?

A: We do! UW branded PowerPoint templates are available.

Q: Do you have photos I can use in my marketing materials?

A: The University Marketing & Communications photo database contains hundreds of UW-specific photos you can use free of charge. Plans are in the works to build a more robust, user-friendly system.

Q: Where do I get UW-branded website graphics?

A: You can find a UW-branded header and footer for your website. Other useful tools, such as our Web Color Palette (PDF) and Web guidelines, are available as well.

Q: How do I get business cards and letterhead?

A: You can order both business cards and letterhead through UW Creative Communications.

Q: Can I put the UW Alert banner on my department’s Web page?

A: You can. Learn more about the UW Alert Banner and how to incorporate it onto your site.

Q: Is there anyone on campus I can hire to help me with my marketing project?

A: Yes, we’ve compiled a list of helpful on-campus marketing and communication partners on our campus partners page.

Q: Is there anyone off campus you’d recommend to help me with my marketing project?

A: UW Creative Communications maintains a list of recommended freelance designers and photographers that are pre-screened by the UW Creative Communications staff.

Q: Who manages your blog? Can I submit ideas or content for your blog?

A: For information or to submit ideas and content for the University Marketing & Communications blog, please contact Elise Perachio, 206-616-8923,

Q: I’d like to put the UW logo on some giveaway items I’m producing (for example: T-shirts, pens, coffee mugs). Is this OK to do?

A: Please contact UW Trademarks & Licensing before producing any giveaway item(s) that will bear a UW-licensed mark. UW Trademarks & Licensing promotes and protects the use of all UW-licensed marks.

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