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Email templates and best practices

New Convio email headers

Download Convio headers that align with our new brand guidelines.

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Advancement Training & Support 
(for all Convio users)
(206) 221-3947 | Email

Elise Perachio
Assistant Director, E-communications, University Marketing & Communications
206-616-8923 | Email

Note for beginners: View E-communications basics before working with our templates.


Convio email marketing software enables you to deliver large volumes of email efficiently with sophisticated subscriber management, customizable templates and useful performance data.

  • Training: UW Advancement Training and Support (ATS) supports all Convio users. Contact them to set up Convio training at or (206) 221-3947.
  • Setup: After establishing permissions with ATS, provide a list of your desired email subscribers by uploading here. Include the subscriber first and last name and email, as well as any additional information you wish to use.


Header Guidelines

The header, also known as the masthead, refers to the graphic at the top of a message containing the name of the e-communication. These guidelines help ensure that the header you create or order complies with the UW’s visual brand standards.

  • Photos: Incorporate either generic or textured photos in your header. Generic photos should have a strong right-hand focal point so that the name of the e-communication is easy to read. You can find a wide selection in our photo database.
  • Sizing: The recommended header width is 600 pixels (px), which provides maximum visibility in a variety of email programs. Headers should be at least 100 pixels high; all University Marketing templates utilize a 190-pixel header.
  • Content: Your header should include either the UW word mark with the unit listed separately or your full department signature
  • Fonts & Colors: The fonts and colors you use in your e-communications should adhere to the university guidelines.
  • Link Bar: The link bar, placed under the header image, complements the band in color and size. Links to Web pages and social media should be readable and right justified.
  • Text: Readability is key in e-newsletter and e-invitation header content. Consider using drop shadows, bold typeface and similar elements to help text stand out from the background image. Refer to university brand guidelines for suggestions.

Content Guidelines

See the Content Guide for the best ways to engage your audience.

Dimensions: As with headers, the recommended width for the body of your e-communication is 600 pixels (px), which provides maximum visibility in a variety of email programs without generating a horizontal scroll bar.

Layout: University Marketing templates are available in both 1-column and 2-column layouts.

Footer Content: There are special requirements for footer content that help ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and provide recipients with a consistent way to find contact and subscription management links.

Required elements:

  • Your department’s physical address
  • The email copyright date
  • A direct contact link
  • A privacy policy link
  • An unsubscribe link, which is automatically inserted by Convio