University Marketing & Communications

Improve your site’s readability

Quick tips on making your site more reader-friendly

How to get your story picked up by the media

Learn from journalists on how to boost your chances of getting your story covered.

How to pick which social networks to use

Make sure new social media channels match your strategy before committing.

Advantages of Twitter vs. Facebook

Customize your message to the right social media channel.

Make that tweet sing!

Find some tweet inspiration with HubSpot.

Was that a Kia commercial?

Learn who uses the beautiful UW campus backdrop for their film and television videos.

New ‘Page Insights’ from Facebook

Preview Facebook’s Page Insights update, now available to some admins.

Avoiding social media blunders

Keeping social media blunders at a minimum.

Reasons to consider Google Plus

If you’re anything like most marketers who have social media marketing on your plate, you regularly struggle with whether to chase after the latest shiny new toy.

Digital video ads beat TV on engagement metrics

A new report suggests that digital video advertising is surpassing TV on engagement metrics, primarily due to the ability to target select audiences.

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