University Marketing & Communications

July 11, 2014

Brand updates

Mary Gresch

After gathering feedback from across campus, we have finalized the UW brand pyramid (PowerPoint download), including the brand promise and pillars. This document—which is an internal strategic guide, not an external-facing expression of our brand—will serve as the compass for our strategy and communications moving forward.

In the coming weeks, two critical pieces of this process will be under way:

  • Finalizing four core external-facing messages to reflect the promise and pillars.
  • Reaching out to units and departments to gather stories that represent the four brand pillars. We know that stories—whether they are about a student’s journey, the personal impact of a new discovery or community engagement, for example—are the most authentic and compelling way to engage our audiences.

In other brand news, we’ve conducted 18 focus groups (no small feat!) in Seattle, Spokane and Southern California to solicit feedback on brand creative concepts. Based on the insights gained during these sessions, we will present final recommendations for the expression of our brand to university leadership in mid-July, to the Marketing Strategy Council later this month, and to you at the August 14 Roundtable.

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