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September 12, 2013

Digital video ads beat TV on engagement metrics

Tory Hernandez

We all know video has become more important, if not essential, to any communication and marketing plan. The reality is that there are more than a few barriers creating this type of content, including expertise, cost, quality and media budgets. For many years the gold standard for media buys has been a broadcast TV or cable media, for a number of reasons: overall reach, impact and impressions. In fact, it is where most advertising dollars are spent. However, for all but the largest units on campus, buying TV time is out of the question.

Luckily, the tide has been swiftly changing in the media world, making video production more affordable than ever and providing multiple online platforms to share content. Now, a new report suggests that digital video advertising is surpassing TV on engagement metrics, primarily due to the ability to target select audiences. The Achilles heel of TV buys has been the over-delivery of unwanted demos, but through the thoughtful selection of an audience profile, digital video advertising becomes not only more visually engaging but cost-effective, too.

This is nothing but great news for small ad budgets!

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