May 26, 2018

Equipment Updates

STF Funded Cardio

New cardio equipment has begun to arrive. The first was 5 StairMaster FreeClimbers. The second delivery will arrive June 20-22, from Precor we are getting 26 ellipticals. The third delivery will arrive the week of June 25, from Life Fitness we are getting 5 bikes and 5 ellipticals. And the final delivery will arrive on June 27, from Concept2 we are getting 8 rowing ergs. A HUGE thank you to STF for funding the replacement of these outdated cardio machines.

Weight Room Updates

We continue with the weight room refresh as budgets allow. Next up is replacement of some failing equipment that can no longer be repaired, dumbbells and the linear hack squat. Dumbbells have arrived and the linear hack squat should arrive by the end of June. Additional squat racks with landmine attachments have been ordered and should arrive by the end of June as well. Check back for more updates in late summer.