Where can I find vendors who provide captioning services?

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Increasing numbers of multimedia producers, including educational entities and businesses, are captioning their products in-house. The National Center for Accessible Media has developed a software tool that facilitates the captioning process. Their tool, available at no charge, is called Media Access Generator (MAGpie).

MAGpie adds closed captions to an online multimedia file. However, it is not capable of captioning offline multimedia, such as videotapes, or of producing live captioning of an event.

There are many vendors who provide a wide range of captioning services. One of the best resources for selecting a vendor is the U.S. Department of Education, which, in collaboration with the Described and Captioned Media Program administered by the National Association of the Deaf, officially approves captioning service vendors. Approved vendors are listed in the document Captioning Service Vendors (in PDF; requires the free software called Adobe Reader).