Scholars engage with neural engineering researchers

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DO-IT Scholars engaged with more than forty researchers from the UW-sponsored Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering over a luncheon. They eagerly took advantage of the opportunity to ask these professors and graduate students questions such as "how did you choose your field of study or career?" and "what academic background and interests should a person have to pursue your field?" Lively discussions ensued and offered scholars the chance to glimpse into the exciting field of neural engineering.  

The lunch was followed by speakers that included Brian Otis from Electrical Engineering on the topic of communications and interface, Kristi Morgansen from Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineering on reverse and forward engineering, and Howard Chizek from Electrical Engineering on control and adaptation. Students were able to ask questions of each of the presenters.

Researchers also benefitted as DO-IT Scholars provided diverse perspectives and feedback on specific technologies and products being developed by the Center for people with disabilities.