How to Use These Materials

Image of a student sitting in a wheelchair.

The purpose of this notebook is to offer career development professionals, students with disabilities, and employers information and strategies for including students with disabilities in internship, cooperative education, and other work-based learning experiences. Information provided includes an overview of key legal and accommodation issues; background and general strategies; a Four-Step Accommodation Model; sample Abilities Profiles; information on computer facility access, adaptive technology, and access to electronic resources; presentations; and resources.

The materials in this notebook can be used for individual study by career development professionals and employers. They can also be included with other career center resource materials. The presentations are ideal for individual meetings, pre-conference and conference sessions, staff and service club meetings, and student orientations.

The Presentations section includes three presentations -- for students with disabilities, career development staff, and employers. Each presentation can be modified to fit the needs of a specific audience.

The Student Presentation can be used informally with individual students as well as in group meetings such as orientations and career fairs. Its purpose is to encourage students to participate in campus work-based learning opportunities while providing them with strategies and information regarding self-advocacy, adaptive technology, disability-related employment situations, and accommodations.

The Career Development Staff Presentation provides useful information and approaches for accommodating, placing, and fully including students with disabilities in campus work experience programs. It is appropriate for large or small meetings, including groups of administrators, career counselors, placement specialists, cooperative education coordinators, and disabled student services officers.

The Employer Presentation alerts employers to the potential advantages of hiring students with disabilities as interns and cooperative education students as well as provides information on recruiting and accommodating them on-the-job. Like the Student Presentation, the Employer Presentation can be delivered informally, one-on-one, or to groups during conferences or professional meetings.

Handouts, overhead transparencies, and videotape presentations are provided to accompany the presentations. All you need to do is designate a presenter to review the materials, decide on a format, schedule the presentation, and DO-IT!