Free Accessible Online PDF Training

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
State Policy #188 on IT accessibility requires that we make IT, including online documents, accessible to faculty, students, staff and visitors with disabilities. Several hundred thousand PDF files are posted on UW websites; most are not fully accessible. For example, many are simply scanned in images, which means that the text is not available for screen reader software to capture and read aloud to a person who is blind or who has a reading-related learning disability such as dyslexia.
If you produce or manage PDFs, consider learning how to design them to be accessible. A good place to start is by viewing at Your unit may already have a license to use videos. If not, you can freely watch the videos by following the steps listed below.

First step: Get your free library card

If you don’t have one already, sign up for a free library card through one of these Library Systems:

Second step: Activate your library card

You must activate your library card by visiting a branch within 90 days and present a method of identification AND address verification matching qualifying residential address and given name.
**If you do not visit your library for address verification, the card will expire after 90 days an you will no longer be able to access the videos.**

Third step: Log-in to

  • Log into  from your computer:
  • Log into on mobile:
    • Download the Lynda mobile app for your phone or tablet, then on the login screen, navigate to the Organization tab, scroll down to the Web Portal section, and type in as the Organization URL. Then login as usual with your library card number and PIN.

Fourth step: Create a playlist

Complete online training for these PDF remediation courses:
  1. (4 hours of instruction)
  2. (5 hours of instruction)
  3. (2.5 hours of instruction)