Reports from Working Group Discussions

[Picture of Mel Kalkowski, Laura Winckler-Moore, Val Sundby, and Lyla Crawford at a round table.]

CBI participants represented a wide range of stakeholder groups, including postsecondary faculty and staff, employees of veterans-serving organizations, and veterans. They came together to brainstorm ideas for serving veterans in postsecondary education in general, and, specifically, to encourage veterans with disabilities to pursue computing and IT careers. Their discussions are summarized below.

Question 1: What are the anticipated effects of the new G.I. Bill on our campuses? What are the characteristics of veterans returning to school?

It is anticipated that there will be increasing numbers of veterans with disabilities on our campuses. Common disabilities include TBI and PTSD, amputations, and sensory impairments. Greater numbers of student veterans are attending two-year rather than four-year schools.

Veterans returning to school, especially those with disabilities, often

Question 2: How can disability support services and computing faculty work together to effectively support veterans with disabilities?

Both groups are key to creating successful experiences for veterans with disabilities. Disability support services can

Computing and IT faculty and their departments can

Question 3: What types of services and supports can postsecondary institutions enhance or develop in anticipation of the needs of veterans with disabilities?

Key stakeholders can offer separate supports or work together to serve veterans with disabilities. Suggested partnerships between postsecondary institutions and local veterans organizations that may address the needs of veterans include the following:

Suggested veteran services and activities to address the needs of veterans include the following:

Suggestions for training courses and support for faculty and staff in working with student veterans include the following:

Question 4: How can schools partner with military bases and veterans organizations to improve the recruitment and support of veterans with disabilities into computing departments?

Suggestions to improve the recruitment and support of veterans with disabilities follow: