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Sample Invitation for Course Participation

Dear Faculty Members and/or Teaching Assistants,

I invite your participation in an intriguing and informative distance
learning course. The Disabled Student Services Office is offering a
distance learning course entitled "Academic Accommodations for
Students with Disabilities." This interactive short course provides
information and resources to fully involve students with a variety of
disabilities in academic courses and activities.  Instructional
methods include provision of on-line readings that include background
and practical information, case studies, and interactive discussion
conducted via email. Academic accommodations are discussed for
learning disabilities; hearing, visual, and mobility impairments;
psychiatric disabilities; and health impairments.

This course begins (date) and involves approximately 10 hours of
participation over the course of 8 weeks for a professional
improvement unit (PIU) of one credit hour. There is no charge to you
or your department for your participation, and you are sure to find
this material useful in preparation for instructing students with
disabilities in your courses.

For course registration, please email your registration request to me
at___________ and include your name, department, campus address, and
phone number. I look forward to your participation!


Campus address
Phone number
Email address