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If you would like to order videos, books, or training materials:

University of Washington
Box 354842
Seattle, WA 98195-4842
206-685-DOIT (3648) (voice/TTY)
888-972-DOIT (3648) (voice/TTY)
206-221-4171 (fax)
509-328-9331 (voice/TTY) Spokane


Videos created by DO-IT promote the academic and career success of people with disabilities and the use of technology as an empowering tool. Most are freely available to view online at Downloadable versions may be obtained without charge by sending a request to DVD titles that can be purchased from DO-IT are listed below, along with the titles and descriptions of video presentations on each DVD. Each DVD collection comes with useful handouts that summarize the content and point to related resources. All videos are open-captioned for those with hearing impairments and audio-described versions are provided for those who are blind. Permission is granted to reproduce DO-IT videos and publications for educational, noncommercial purposes as long as the source is acknowledged.

  • ($75)

    Set of all DVD collections listed below.

DO-IT Programs

  • ($15)
  • ($15)
    • How DO-IT Does It. Successful practices employed by DO-IT programs to increase the success of young people with disabilities in college and careers. (34 minutes, © 2004)
    • Opening Doors: Mentoring on the Internet. Mentors help students with disabilities achieve success in college studies and careers. (14 minutes, © 1998)
  • ($10)
    • Part of Me, Not All of Me. Teens with disabilities share their interests, activities, and other aspects of their lives showing that their disabilities do not define who they are.. (6 minutes, © 2007)

Information Technology



Books and Comprehensive Training Materials

The following books and comprehensive training materials may include program development and presentation guidelines, videos, photo-ready handouts, sample forms, projection templates, or other support materials. Identical or similar content is included in multiple products when it is appropriate for more than one audience.

Handouts for Promoting Universal Design

The following products are only available for purchase in quantities of 100 or more. Single quantities are available for free by submitting our Free Publications Order Form.
The publications in this section are exempt from the bulk order discount.

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