Undergraduate Research Program

Summer Programs

Summer research programs are full-time immersive research experiences where selected students are matched with a mentor to join their research team and work on a project for a fixed term (often 9-10 weeks).

These programs usually require a formal application process and may be open to students outside of the institution offering the program.

Summer Research at UW

Hundreds of students engage in research programs at UW every summer.

URP Co-Hosted Summer Research Programs

This page highlights programs that the URP hosts alongside various partner organizations. URP partners with local and national organizations to provide transformative research experiences for undergraduates.

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Summer Research Programs at UW

Browse through a list of summer research programs at UW to find programs organized by field.

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Summer Research Programs Beyond UW

There are hundreds of summer research programs hosted at other universities that may be of interest to UW students. We maintain a partial list of these programs and links to other searchable summer research program databases.

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