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2020 CEBR Students


Joshua Alvarado

Joshua in a graduation gown in front of fieldInstitution: San Joaquin Delta Community College
Faculty Mentor: Jim Pfaendtner, Chemical Engineering

Joshua Alvarado just received his Associate of Science in Physics and is attending UCSB beginning fall 2020. He plans to double major in Physics and Statistics and pursue a master’s degree dealing with Computational Physics after graduation. In his free time, Joshua works on projects in the realm of sports analytics, specifically dealing with the NBA.

Lydia Banko

Institution: University of Maryland College Park
Faculty Mentor: Christine Luscombe, Materials Science and Engineering

Lydia is a sophomore at the University of Maryland pursuing a degree in both chemical engineering and physics with a focus on environmental sustainability. This summer she is working in Dr. Luscombe’s ChemLP group under the guidance of Louisa Reilly, a graduate student. Lydia is aiding in the process of developing a neural network that can predict reaction conditions based on a product and reactant input. In her free time, she enjoys writing music and playing video games.

Carly Bogdajewicz

Carly leaning on wall smiling InstitutionCalvin University
Faculty Mentor: Jim Pfaendtner, Chemical Engineering

Carly is a junior at Calvin University who is pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, minoring in environmental science, and getting a sustainability designation. This summer she is working under the mentorship of Nadia Intan, researching surface pourbaix diagrams of oxygen functionals on basal graphite. In her free time, Carly runs cross country and loves to paint, listen to music, and explore the outdoors.

Jaqueline Lindstrom

Jaqueline in front of shrubs smiling for cameraInstitution: Pacific Lutheran University
Faculty Mentor: Samson Jenekhe, Chemical Engineering

Jaqueline is a junior at Pacific Lutheran University pursuing a degree in Chemistry. This summer she will be working in the Jenekhe Lab studying organic materials for use in electronic devices such as organic photovoltaic cells. The Clean Energy Bridge to Research program is her first research opportunity at UW and she is excited to learn a lot. She hopes to continue with research in the future and pursue her passion of environmental sustainability. In her free time, Jaqueline likes to garden, hike, and play Ultimate Frisbee.

Stephanie Reyes Munoz

Stephanie Smiling in front of water on a logInstitution: Susquehanna University
Mentor: Christine Luscombe, Materials Science and Engineering

Stephanie Reyes is a junior majoring in chemistry. This summer, Stephanie is working in Professor Luscombe’s Chem LP group where she is coding, using data science skills, web scraping, and labeling data. The project’s goal is focused on a neural network that can predict organic reactions. In the fall, Stephanie will be attending Penn State University. In her free time, she likes to crochet, hike, and sit in coffee shops and try new flavors.

Olivia Sablan

Olivia Smiling in front of Flowery BushInstitution: Carroll College
Mentor: Ting Cao, Material Science and Engineering 

Olivia is a senior at Carroll College located in Helena, Montana. She is pursuing a degree in chemistry with a minor in mathematics. With a passion for the environment and chemistry, she plans to pursue a PhD and conduct research that combines both fields. She has previously completed research with atmospheric chemistry and is excited to gain research experience this summer with materials science under Professor Ting Cao. Outside of the lab, Olivia cheers on Carroll’s Fighting Saints as a captain for the Carroll College cheerleading team. In her free time, she loves to read, go on hikes, and go for runs.