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2021 CEBR Students


Anna Altmann

Anna smiling in front of the waterInstitution: Elon University
Faculty Mentor: Cody Schlenker

Anna is a Junior at Elon University in North Carolina who is pursuing degrees in chemistry and computer science. This summer, she is working in the Schlenker lab studying organic based sensitizer molecules for photon upconversion to incorporate into future solar cells. In her free time, Anna enjoys playing soccer and tennis, traveling with friends, and making projects at her university’s MakerHub.

Jihaad Barnett

Jihaad posing for the cameraInstitution: Hampton University
Faculty Mentor: Scott Dunham

My name is Jihaad Barnett and I am a Rising Junior in the Electrical Engineering Program at Hampton University. This summer I am researching solar cell efficiency through the characterizations of solar cells and how they affect the efficiency. I am interested in the progression of solar cell technologies and application. My hobbies include spending time with friends and reading novels.

Sara Barrows

InsSara smiling in front of watertitution: St. Olaf College
Faculty Mentor: Xiaodong Xu

Sara Barrows is a senior at St. Olaf College pursuing a degree in physics with a concentration in engineering studies. This summer, she is working in Professor Xiaodong Xu’s lab studying the effects of a twisted h-BN moire superlattice on an adjacent transition metal dichalcogenide. Sara has previously conducted research on positrons and in the future is interested in working on a renewable energy project. In her free time, she likes to hike, listen to music, and play soccer.

Dina Chehada

Institution: Cerritos College
Faculty Mentor: Diana Xiao

Dina Chehada completed her Associate of Science degrees in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics from Cerritos Community College. She will attend the University of California San Diego in Fall 2021 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. In the future, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and is interested in green energy research. This summer, she will work with Kathleen Snook in Dr. Dianne Xiao’s research group studying two-dimensional conductive metal-organic frameworks (2D MOFs) and their potential application as liquid crystals. In her free time, Dina likes to hike and do outdoor activities.

Yusuf Farah

Yusuf smiling for the cameraInstitution: Seattle Central College
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Kirschen

Yusuf is a rising junior currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. This fall he will be transferring to the University of Washington electrical engineering program. This summer he will be working under Professor Kirschen on using solar energy for the electrification of rural off-grid communities as well as battery energy storage. Yusuf hopes to use this experience to one day provide help for the many small communities that lack electricity. In his free time, Yusuf enjoys volunteering at his local library, playing basketball, and listening to podcasts.

Isabel Friedrichs


isabel smiling for the cameraInstitution: Benedictine College
Faculty Mentor: Alexandra Velian

Isabel Friedrichs is a junior studying chemistry and biology at Benedictine College. This summer, she is working in Alexandra Velian’s inorganic chemistry lab researching single atom catalysts and clusters. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry after completing her undergraduate degree with the goal of contributing to clean energy and/or disease research. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, hammocking, longboarding, reading, and swimming in the bay.

Daniel Gebeyehu

Institution: Seattle Central College
Faculty Mentor: Baosen Zhang

Daniel Gebeyehu is a rising junior transferring to UW from Seattle Central this Fall (2021). Daniel will be majoring in Electrical Engineering during his time there. During his time in the summer program, he will be working with Professor Zhang. The goal of his project is to estimate the number of Electric vehicles that the UW Seattle campus will be able to charge with the power available to the campus currently. Professor Zhang has also provided him with information about the buildings and their power needs. Daniel is currently in the process of gathering data about different Electric vehicle batteries and chargers. Outside of school in his free time, Daniel likes to Draw and play video games.

Erin Heeschen

Institution: Dickinson College
Faculty Mentor: Lilo Pozzo

Erin Heeschen is a rising junior at Dickinson College located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, pursuing a chemistry degree with a minor in earth science. This summer, she is working in Pozzo Labs under the guidance of Maria Politi and aiding in the investigation of quantum dots, ligands, and their photoluminescent properties. As an environmentally conscientious individual, Erin is passionate about research and making science more accessible through public outreach. Outside of academics, Erin loves to play board games, learn instruments, swing dance, and cook

Kalid Hussein

Khalid smiling in front of a brick wallInstitution: Columbia Basin College
Faculty Mentor: Devin MacKenzie

Khalid is a student at Columbia Basin College and transferring to four-year school Fall 2021. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is also interested in Aerospace Engineering. He is part of the engineering club, chemistry club, and a mentor at the College Assistance Migrant Program. He is a NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) alumnus and assisted his team as a Chief System Engineer. And he is member of 2019 NCAS Winning Team at Johnson Space Center. He is an NCAS influencer. He also participated two other programs at NASA called Lucy Student Pipeline Accelerator and Competency Enabler (L’SPACE). He has experience in auto mechanics. In his free time, he likes to play sports like soccer or basketball and volunteer at his community center.

Julisa Juarez

Julisa pointing at a cactusInstitution: Bennington College
Faculty Mentor: David Ginger

Julisa is a junior at Bennington College pursuing a degree in chemistry with a focus on environmental sustainability. This summer she will be working in the Ginger Lab studying new perovskite semiconductors for solar energy applications. Excited to contribute to the fight against climate change, she hopes the Clean Energy Bridge to Research program will inform her future research projects in environmental sustainability and progress towards accessible clean energy. In her free time she enjoys singing, spending time with her cats, going on adventures with friends, and identifying bird calls around her environment.

Adeline Maurus

Adeline smiling for the cameraInstitution: Green River College
Faculty Mentor: David Cobden

Adeline Maurus just received her Associate’s in Math Education from Green River Community College and will be attending Western Washington University in the fall. She plans to major in mathematics with minors in music and Spanish. This summer, she is working in Dr. David Cobden’s lab under the mentorship of Eric Lester. In her free time, Adeline enjoys playing the viola, cooking, and reading.

Praises Orji

Praises Smiling for the cameraInstitution: University of Washington
Faculty Mentor: Samson Jenekhe

Praises Orji is a rising Junior at the University of Washington, Seattle. She plan on double majoring in Informatics and Communication. Her two older sisters’ passion for the STEM fields has played a significant role in her interest in computing and technology.

Neilan Post

Neilan grad photoInstitution: Green River College
Faculty Mentor: Lih Lin

Neilan is a senior at The University of Washington. He received an Associate of Science from Green River College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He is interested in building a stronger and cleaner energy grid that utilizes solar, wind, smart grids, and reliable energy storage to meet the growing energy needs and to address worldwide energy poverty and grid susceptibilities to disasters. Outside of academia, he likes to code games, draw, and hike.

Kristina Schmidt

Kristina smiling for the cameraInstitution: Oregon State University
Faculty Mentor: Christine Luscombe

Kristina is a junior at Oregon State University pursuing a degree in Ecological Engineering. This summer she will be working in Professor Luscombe’s lab group under the mentorship of Yunping Huang. She will be studying naturally derived dyes for LED lighting. Kristina is passionate about the environment, and hopes to continue a career to mitigate climate change. When she isn’t studying, Kristina enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.