Complete an OSP-Generated Award Setup Request

When the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) receives or retrieves a new Notice of Award (NoA) and the PI is not included on the notification, OSP creates the Award Setup Request (ASR). The request has an initial status of OSP Setup.

When OSP finishes the setup and sends the item to SAGE, it changes to Composing status. The contacts on the linked eGC1 application are then automatically notified by email about the newly-created ASR. They are able to edit and complete the request, and then route it.

Individuals on the Access list will see the item on their Awards tasklist. When opened,  it displays a “review” version and cannot be edited.

Review the FAQ: What do I do when I receive an Award Setup Request created by OSP?  for an overview, details on what data OSP will enter, and what data you will need to enter and review.