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OPB continues to hold regular office hours on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 10:45 am to address any questions the Planning Community may have. In addition, OPB will provide budget updates as needed. You must be signed into Zoom with your UW NetID. Please click on this Zoom link to join the meeting:

Adaptive R2 and FY2025 Budget Development Process FAQs

Published FAQs are available! Click this link to view the excel file: UW Adaptive and Budget Operations FAQs updated on 02/08/24.

Adaptive R2 and FY2025 Budget Development Process Office Hour Recordings


Topic Description
Updates on Upcoming Items (7/13/23) Updates on items that will be upcoming such as informational requests from units, FY24 Operating Budget in Workday Financials, and Adaptive Release 2.
Reporting Resources (7/20/23) Insights on other reporting resources: BI Portal & Financial Desktop App. Demo of Standard Budget vs Actuals – Summary R1306.
New Report Introduction (7/27/23) Demo of new report in Adaptive R1 and Q&A.
Q&A Session (8/3/23) Open discussion for any questions Planners may have.
Central Allocation Funding Distribution (8/10/23) Update on Central allocation funding and demo of funding transfer journal
Funding Transfer (8/17/23) Core Funds Distributions (“allocations”) via Funding Transfer Journal Entries in Workday Financials.
Comparison of Plan Versions (8/24/23) Comparison table of Adopted, Forecast, & Proposal version.
Q&A Session (8/31/23) Q&A​ session
Budget vs Actuals (9/7/23) Walk through of Standard Budget vs Actuals – Summary R1306 and continuation of Q&A.
Q&A Session (9/14/23) Q&A session
Workday Report Demo (9/21/23) Demo of R1306 functionality.
Report Demo in Adaptive Training Tenant (9/28/23) A walkthrough of an equivalent report of R1306 in the Adaptive training tenant.
Adaptive Version Comparison (10/05/23) Comparison of FY24 Adopted, UWA Actuals (Common Book), FY25 Operating Budget Proposal, & FY24 Management Recast version.
Budget Authority (10/12/23) Comparison of Budget Authority in BGT, MyFD, and Workday Financials.
Budget Updates (10/19/23) Budget Updates and Q&A
Q&A Session (10/26/23) No new updates to share from OPB. This session is dedicated to any questions Planners may have.
Version Update & Q&A (11/02/23) Updates on Recast and Proposal version and followed by Q&A.
Overview of FY25 Budget (11/09/23) Introduction of FY25 Operating Budget Development Materials and FY25 Process Guide. In addition, a demo of Sheet 6 in the Training Tenant and a review of Report E1306 in R2 Production.
Planning Assumptions Updates (11/16/23) Brief update on planning assumptions and a demo of the “Workflow” functionality in R2.
General Data Updates (11/30/23) Planning assumptions are available in Adaptive Release 2. Core fund revenue transfers are entered in FY25 Operating Budget Proposal. Allocation letters will be distributed to units sometime next week. In addition, a brief update on Adaptive Access in Workday and a comparison of R1 vs R2 data for compensation expense baseline data.
General Data Updates (12/7/23) Action requested to check the “Override Full Time Rate” value on Sheet 4 and to enter an offset in Sheet 1 – Core Revenue.  A demo of entries using split row to capture the “out” from the Dean/VP office along with the “in” to a department was given.  General Q&A followed. Office Hour slides linked here.
General Data Updates (12/14/23) Follow-up on action requested to check the “Override Full Time Rate” value on Sheet 4. Preview of the newly created Pay Rate Difference column and followed by Q&A.
Q&A Session (12/21/23) No new updates to share from OPB. This session is dedicated to any questions Planners may have.
General Update (01/04/24) Information only update in regards to Net Position, Employee Roster, and Core Funds Revenue Distributions. In addition to a proposed “Order of Operations” for Adaptive plan entries.
General Update (01/11/24) FAQs are posted on the FY25 Budget Support Resources website. Resource worktags were added on plan lines missing resource in the FY24 Adopted Budget in Workday Financials and an update on Net Position. Reminder that action is required for Rate Recommendations (tuition & fee-based), Rate Recommendation Narrative, & Enrollment Forecasts (tuition based) are due Thursday, Feb 1. Office Hour slides linked here.
New Reports (01/18/24) Update on FAQs and introduction of new reports: 1.6 – Actuals Extract & 1.7 – Data Entry Audit. In addition, an announcement that July 2023 – December 2023 timespans are locked due to Actual Overlay – pending solution.
New Reports (01/25/24) Overview of Adaptive Planning Reporting Change: Choosing Reports with or without Actuals Overlay document. Demo of how to compare and validate data in Standard Budget vs. Actuals – Summary R1306 Workday report to A1400.2 – Basic Income Statement by Month Columns Adaptive report.
Important Announcements (02/01/24) Reminders that Submissions are due and Adaptive budget and narrative responses are due March 4th. In addition, a demo of Net Position Template report. Office Hours slides linked here.
General Announcements (Coming Soon) (02/08/24) Reminder that FY25 Operating Budget Proposals and Narrative Response are due March 4th and announced Workday outages.
New Reports (02/15/24) Demo of Position Funding Split %’s by Month and Core Compare reports. Also, a walkthrough of the new tuition revenue entries in Sheet 1.
Report Recommendation (02/22/24) Review Adaptive A1401.NAO – Basic Income Statement by RSH 02 NO ACTUALS Report before March 4th budget deadline to ensure Ledger and Resource combinations are accurate.
General Announcements (Coming Soon) (02/29/24) Adaptive Income Statement reports with No Actual Overlay (NAO) includes fringe benefits in the Salary and Wages General Ledger (GL) and Actual Overlay Income Statement reports display fringe benefits in the Employee Benefits GL.
Q&A Session (Coming Soon) (03/07/24) No new updates to share from Budget Operations team. This session is dedicated to any questions Planners may have and unit sharing feedback on the budget process.
Adaptive Announcements (Coming Soon) (03/21/24) Demo of newly created Adaptive UWA Planning Dashboard as well as a new feature that prompts users of a data entry error in a Sheet.
Ledger Accounts, Dashboards Q&A (04/04/24) Description of Workday Ledger Account Guidance including a Ledger Listing. Updated demo of UWA Planning Dashboards and how to use them. Answers to general reopening planning questions.
Future Training Options and Reviews (04/11/24) Ideas for how best to conduct training moving forward along with general Q&A and discussion on an iterative review process.
Adaptive Reopening Window (04/18/24) Activities for the reopening period April 29 – May 13 including correcting errors, balancing totals and refining entries.
Reopening Window (04/25/24) Reopening checklist and what to look for while making adjustments/corrections.
Core Revenue Funding Transfers (05/09/24) Allowing other Cost Centers and Program to be used for Core Revenue funding transfers.

Adaptive Planning Short “How To” Videos (R2)

Topic Description
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FY2024/Adaptive R1 Office Hour Recordings are archived on the FY24 budget development process “Office Hours” recording website.