Office of Planning & Budgeting

Policy, Planning & State Operations

The Policy, Planning & State Operations unit, within the Office of Planning & Budgeting, is responsible for:

  • State-level policy and budget analysis: The PPSO team is responsible for monitoring state-level changes—documented in state law and other sources—in order to prepare the University’s administration for strategic policy discussions. This work entails tracking and evaluating bills and budgets during state legislative sessions, developing state budget requests, and responding to legislative requests for fiscal notes and information.
  • Student fee requests and policies: PPSO monitors adherence to University and state policies regarding student fees (as stipulated in RCWs, WAC, and UW Executive Orders and Administrative Policy Statements), and manages student fee rate changes and associated Board of Regents items.
  • Higher education policy trend analysis: PPSO also monitors higher education news and trends, researching these areas and reporting to campus leaders and the broader community. As such, this team contributes to a better understanding of the higher education policy landscape when UW planning and policy formation occurs.
  • Communications and strategic planning: PPSO is also responsible for developing the University’s annual operating budget document, which communicates the UW’s budget to the Board of Regents and UW community. This team also synthesizes policy and budget information into visual, written, and verbal communications for a variety of audiences, on behalf of OPB.

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