Office of Planning & Budgeting

Current Tuition And Fees Dashboards

Important Note Regarding Spring Quarter and COVID-19 Response

We have received a number of questions regarding tuition and fee rates for spring quarter. Please see the “Financial concerns” section of the “Facts and information regarding spring quarter 2020” page for more information.

Tuition Dashboards

The following dashboards provide current annual and quarterly tuition information for UW programs. Please read the instructions tab before using the dashboards. Importantly, amounts shown are only for students enrolled in tuition-based programs. Information about fee-based programs offered through the UW’s Continuum College can be found here.

Rates are also posted as annual and quarterly PDFs on annual and quarterly tuition pages. This document provides important information about tuition and fees to provide context for those rates. Finally, this page has an overview that shows historical tuition and fee information from the 1997-98 academic year to the 2016-17 academic year.

Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First Year Undergraduates

Please see this page for more information regarding the total cost of attendance for first year undergraduate students.

Programs in Each Graduate Tier (by campus)

Please see this file for a listing of programs in each Graduate Tier, organized by campus.

Please see this file for a listing of all graduate and professional tuition categories organized by major and college.

Tuition Disclosure Requirements

Please see this page for more information regarding tuition disclosure requirements.