Office of Planning & Budgeting

Tuition Disclosures

In order to ensure compliance with RCW 28B.15.0681, the following information is available as a component of students’ tuition statements.

  • Information about required fees by campus is available here.
  • All institutional revenue sources received during the prior fiscal year are available in the University’s Annual Reports.
  • Tuition revenue for non-fee based programs is collected throughout the academic year but the use of these funds is projected annually through the state Office of Financial Management’s (OFM) allotment process. The allotment of budgeted tuition revenue (planned, not actual tuition expenditures) is available here.
  • OFM began collecting performance and accountability data in fall 2011. The UW’s performance plan from January 2012 is available here. Additionally, OFM hosts a dashboard to display enrollment, graduation, retention and degree data.
  • Students or their families may qualify for one or both current federal higher education related tax credits: the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. All students are encouraged to inquire about and, if qualified, apply for these credits. For more information about both credit programs, please review this Student Fiscal Services website. Students in need of tax credit assistance can or call 206-221-2621. Students (or their families) who are unable to claim the Lifetime Learning Credit or American Opportunity Credit may still be able to deduct qualified educational expenses. For more information, please see the link above.