Office of Planning & Budgeting

Tuition & Fee Questions

For questions about… Please contact:
Payment, billing or processing of tuition and fees Student Fiscal Services

Contact information

Phone 206-543-4694

Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Aid

Contact information

Phone 206-543-6101

Residency status Residency Office

Contact information

Phone 206-543-5932

Registration Office of the University Registrar

Contact information

Housing and dining Housing & Food Services

Contact information

Phone 206-543-4059

Admissions UW Admissions

Phone 206-543-9686

Fee-based Professional & Continuing Education programs UW Continuum College

Contact information

Phone 206-685-8936

Tuition waivers for graduate student appointments (TA/RA/Fellow/Trainee) Office of Fellowships and Awards – The Graduate School

Contact information

Phone 206-543-7152

The U-PASS transportation fee Transportation Services

UPASS and transit FAQ

Contact information

Phone 206-221-3701

If you are a parent with questions, please check out The Parent Guide.

For Bothell students, contact
For Tacoma students, contact