Office of Planning & Budgeting

Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First-Year Undergraduates

A printable PDF version of this page can be found here. This PDF also includes five years of trend data.

The table below shows the 2021-22 academic year estimated expenses for first-year undergraduate students at the University of Washington’s three campuses, approved by the UW Board of Regents in June 2021. It reflects student fees and budgets for the regular academic year: fall, winter, and spring.

The Office of Student Financial Aid website has more information about student budgets, and other areas of the OPB website have more information on student fees and annual tuition.

2021-22 Annual Student Budget Items BOTHELL SEATTLE TACOMA
Room and Board* (traditional undergraduates) $14,154 $14,871 $13,194
Books, Personal, Transportation* $4,773 $3,693 $4,260
Annual Student Fees – Total** $1,353 $1,503 $1,431
New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (one time)*** $330 $354 $162
Student Tech Fee $126 $114 $120
Services and Activities Fee $300 $453 $474
Student Activities Center $441
Student Activities Center Programming $66
Sports Field $90
Facilities Renovation Fee $210
Intramural Activities Building (IMA) $96
U-PASS**** $276 $135
YMCA $540
Resident Undergraduate Annual Tuition $10,927 $10,927 $10,927
Non-Resident Undergraduate Annual Tuition $38,757 $38,757 $38,757

* The annual student budget for these items are based on the federal “cost of attendance” definition, which is used to determine financial aid eligibility:

** Student-led committees are responsible for all fees under this header, except NSEOF. For the NSEOF, student representatives provide support recommendations, which campus administrations weigh when developing proposals for Regental approval. Regents approve rate changes for all fees except U-PASS, which is governed by Regent-approved MOUs. Please note that many students pay fees beyond those presented here, such as course fees (which vary by discipline) and student insurance fees.

***The effective date of each new NSEOF rate varies by campus. Bothell will begin charging its new rate in Winter 2022 to students entering in Winter 2022. Seattle will begin charging its new rate in Spring 2022 to students entering in Spring 2022. Tacoma will begin charging its new rate in Fall 2021 to students entering in Winter 2022.

****Tacoma’s U-PASS fee of $45/quarter was first charged in Spring 2019. For UW Tacoma students residing in Thurston County, the UPASS fee is $20/quarter, or $60 for the regular academic year.