Office of Planning & Budgeting

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission & Vision

The Office of Planning & Budgeting (OPB) informs quality and comprehensive decision making, policy creation, and analysis for allocation of financial and analytical resources. Guided by the University’s vision and Diversity Blueprint, we aim to create an inclusive work culture, welcome challenges, and seek opportunities to improve OPB and University operations to enable creative, equitable solutions that balance resource constraints with short- and long-term University needs, while ensuring compliance with internal and external policies.


The Office of Planning & Budgeting supports and implements goals set forth by the Board of Regents, President, and Provost by:

  • acquiring, analyzing, and sharing knowledge;
  • ethically managing the financial and data resources entrusted to the UW;
  • cultivating an environment where growth, renewal, and risk-taking are supported;
  • fostering relationships with institutional and external partners based on trust, understanding, and shared commitments;
  • improving accountability and transparency to ensure information is clear and accessible, and UW stakeholders such as students, faculty, and staff play an active role in institutional governance;
  • transforming institutional policies and practices, and accelerating systemic change in support of the University’s Race & Equity Initiative and Diversity Blueprint