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Internal Data Resources

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Reports and Visualizations

UW Enterprise Data Warehouse and VPN access is needed to view these reports and dashboards. 

BI Portal and UW Profiles

This platform houses operational reports and interactive dashboards displaying longitudinal trends about students, faculty, research, and finances. While you can browse the catalog of reporting and analytics tools with your UW netid, you need an ASTRA role and permission to access reports, dashboards, and cubes on the BI Portal. For more information or access requests, please email

Faculty Demographic Trends

Faculty and deans can interact with views demographic shifts and trends among faculty populations. The dashboard allows for filtering based on faculty rank, department affiliation, and demographics.

Faculty Salary Benchmarking

Deans and administrators can view faculty salary trends by rank, title, and CIP codes as compared to an aggregate AAU peer group.

Faculty Teaching Load Summaries and Institutional Comparisons

A set of dashboards that allow users to examine unit level instructional activity as broadly compared to similar disciplines at other AAU institutions (using the Delaware Study methodology).


Faculty Applicant Pool Demographics

A tool designed to allow deans/chancellors and their approved delegates to view faculty applicant pool demographic data by position for any current searches. Note: access to this tool is driven by MOU signed annual by deans/chancellors.


Peer Comparisons (Academic and Financial)

Academic (e.g., Enrollments, Retention Rates, and Completions) and Financial (e.g., Revenue, Expenses) dashboards comparing UW institutional data to to AAU and US News Top Public Research Institutions.

Net Price and Cost of Attendance

Dashboards displaying trends in tuition rates, costs, and net price for UW student populations as compared to AAU and US News Top Public Research Institutions.


Activity Based Budgeting – Student Activity and Tuition Revenue Trends

A set of interactive dashboards for deans and administrators looking at trends in SCH, Degree/Major activity, and tuition revenue trends by tuition group and category.

Publicly available ABB trend reports and dashboards are available here:

Summary Enrollment Statistics

UW Student Enrollment Trends




Active and recent presentations to Deans, Administrators, Board of Regents, and State Legislators:

Tri-Campus Resources

Data resources for the entire university (Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma campuses) are available on the Tri-Campus Resources page. This page includes:

UW Bothell Institutional Research

Bothell specific data and reports can be found at UW Bothell Institutional Research site.

UW Tacoma Institutional Research

The Institutional Data & Analysis unit no longer hosts Tacoma-specific reports. Campus-specific data and reports have moved to the UW Tacoma Institutional Research site.