Office of Planning & Budgeting

Budget Processes

The University of Washington’s budget is the result of a process, which begins during every autumn quarter when the Provost releases materials for budget conversations with unit heads. At the same time, the University submits materials to the Governor’s budget office, beginning the first phase of budget negotiations with Olympia. The process integrates Regents’ decisions about tuition rates, financial aid, capital projects, and principles guiding the allocation of resources. After the provision of funds for centrally-borne expenses – such as utilities, some debt service, etc. – allocations are made for academic and administrative units.

Budget Process Flow Chart

As part of an Organizational Excellence effort to examine the operating budget and it’s component processes, the following flow chart was created, which provides an overview of the University’s operating budget process.

Budget Process Timeline

In addition, to provide more detailed information about the final development and approval of the budget, the following timeline was created.

Biennium 2019 (Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021) Close Process