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Academic Year Services at Cleveland, Franklin, and Chief Sealth High Schools

Upward Bound - Donna and student

Language Arts

Upward Bound staff provide language arts tutoring and homework help at each school weekly. One-on-one support assists students with building critical research skills, reading comprehension skills, and analytical writing skills. In addition, these sessions provide assistance and feedback on college application essays and scholarship applications.
As juniors, students take the SAT Prep course held on the UW campus. The language arts curriculum centers on reading comprehension, writing, research, and test-taking strategies.


Upward Bound staff provide math tutoring and homework help at each school weekly. These one-on-one and small group sessions help students build skills, complement in-class learning, and challenge students in topics ranging from basic whole numbers review through college-level calculus.

As juniors, students participate in the SAT Prep course held on the UW campus. The math curriculum mirrors topics covered on the SAT and includes a review and overview of topics ranging from geometry, algebra, and data analysis.

Both language arts and math instruction are tailored to meet students’ needs; specialized tutoring is offered to prepare students for state-mandated exams.

SAT Prep Course

Juniors enroll in the 14-week Saturday SAT Prep course. This class is held on the UW campus and has excellent results—the class of 2016 had an average improvement of 188 points from the PSAT to their final SAT scores!

In the class, each student creates realistic and ambitious goals for each section of the test. UB staff review subject-based content, test-taking strategies, and self-care prior to testing.

Academic Advising

Upward Bound
Above: Sehee Thomas, Associate Director of Admissions for the School of Law, speaks to the students during the Majors Orientation Field Trip (Summer 2013).

Upward Bound staff follow students’ academic progress very closely. We empower students to understand their transcript and the necessary courses to complete the College Academic Distribution Requirements and be eligible for a 4-year university. Staff advise students whether more challenging coursework, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Running Start courses might be a good fit.

Students are also encouraged to explore potential career interests and give back to their communities by volunteering; get involved in their communities by joining extracurricular activities; and build their leadership skills by taking on new challenges.

Preparing for College

Upward Bound students have opportunities in the academic year and in the summer to visit a variety of colleges and universities. Typically, college visits include a campus tour, admissions presentation, a meal in the cafeteria, and a discussion/panel with current students. In 2016, UB visited Seattle University, Bellevue College, Seattle Central College, Saint Martin’s University, and The Evergreen State College.

Upward Bound staff work closely with each senior to ensure that they graduate from high school with a clear path to college. Students receive individualized guidance about colleges of best fit based on the student’s career interest and academic profile.

UB staff provide one-on-one UB assistance with college applications, financial aid applications, and scholarship applications. We are also on hand to answer those tricky questions that pop up as students receive their college acceptance letters, financial aid packages, and other paperwork that is necessary for college matriculation.