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Summer Academy

Summer Academy is the capstone of the Upward Bound program each year. Hosted on the University of Washington campus, the six-week Summer Academy introduces students to a large university climate while preparing students for the rigor of college-level academics.

Students enroll in a range of fast-paced courses, from math, world language, science, language arts, and the arts. In recent years, elective courses have included ballroom dancing, American Sign Language, introduction to web design, swimming for beginners, drama, and traditional coiled basketry.

Seminar classes and lecture courses are particularly unique to UW Upward Bound. Seminar classes introduce students to some of the UW’s most competitive majors, including the schools of business, social work, nursing, and mechanical engineering. Lecture courses replicate the lecture experience at larger universities and have included topics in law, African history, astronomy, public speaking, and environmental science.

Aside from improving academic skills, there are many other benefits of Summer Academy participation. Students receive high school credit for Summer Academy classes, attend a number of educational and cultural field trips, receive lunch money, are eligible to earn a stipend, and receive bus tickets and ORCA cards for transportation.

To celebrate students’ hard work at Summer Academy, an awards ceremony is held on the last day of the program. Families and students are invited for an evening of refreshments, the presentation of student and staff awards, and viewing of class work.